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Enclosures for reliable protection of all electronics

Enclosures from ERNI are designed for fastening on DIN mounting rails (top-hat rails) and are available in different variants. The compact plastic housings are available in the LDG-A and LDG-S series in different geometries and sizes for numerous areas of application. Wall mounting of the electronics housing is also partially possible. Depending on the respective application, closed housings or those with ventilation slots can be used.

  • flexible assembly widths
  • compact design
  • optimum space utilization
  • mounting-friendly structure
  • non-touch protection
  • robust and stable
  • for DIN mounting rails
  • fastening using latching clip
  • also for wall mounting
Enclosures LDG-A Catalog

Enclosures LDG-S Catalog

A wide variety of application possibilities in industry

The enclosures can be used everywhere that electronics and other construction elements must be installed securely and protected in a housing. Since they are suitable for mounting on top-hat rails, they can be installed quickly and problem-free in control cabinets or systems and machines. Typical application areas are machine and system construction and industrial automation. You will find them used in robust industrial housing for example in machine controls or in robotics.

Transparent front cover and optional integration of control or display elements expand the area of use.

More application possibilities of the ERNI enclosures are:

  • process technology
  • mini-controllers
  • warehousing and conveyor technology
  • building automation
  • Smart Home
  • safety technology

There are almost no limits to the possibilities of use for the different ERNI enclosures from the LDG-A and LDG-S series. They can be mounted quickly and easily on DIN mounting rails and are available both as individual components and as pre-assembled kits. Depending on the size and shape, there are various components, parts, connection and PCB configurations possible. We will be glad to answer any questions you have about our enclosure series. Get in touch with us now and get detailed advice from us.

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