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Pre-alignment modules

for secure plugging in numerous applications

ERNI Pre-alignment modules are designed for secure plugging of  ERmet 2.0 mm HM and ERmet ZD plug-in boards. They enable an exact plugging of many electrical contacts without damage. At the same time they meet the requirements with as much clearance as possible between the guide rails of an assembly carrier and the plug-in boards. Stresses on the PCBs can be avoided. Additional functions such as electrical contacts and coding options expand the area of use.

  • matched to ERmet 2.0 and ZD
  • secure plugging
  • prevents damage
  • no PCB stresses
  • prevents incorrect plugging
  • enables quick assembly
  • coding options
  • electrical contact possible
  • current rating up to 40 A

Pre-alignment modules for many different application areas

Pre-Alignment Modules Catalog

Application possibilities of the pre-alignment modules from ERNI

If plug-in boards are to be plugged in with the ERmet 2.0 mm HM or ZD connectors securely and without damage in central assemblies, ERNI pre-alignment modules provide the right solutions. Thanks to additional functions such as electrical contact and coding options, contacts and coding can be spared in the actual connectors. The modules ensure more than two millimeters for the catch area. ERNI Pre-alignment modules are suitable for different PCB thicknesses of the backplanes and daughter boards.

ERNI Pre-alignment modules are used for secure and simple plugging in these applications:

  • Telecommunication and data communication
  • ATCA-100G systems
  • Blade server
  • Router
  • Switches
  • Measurement technology
  • Aviation industry
  • Military
  • Industrial automation
  • Medicine
  • Transportation

If secure and damage-free plugging of plug-in boards is required with the  ERmet ZD or ERmet 2.0 mm HM connectors, we offer the use of pre-alignment modules. They are available in different variants for various PCB thicknesses with electrical contact or coding. We will be glad to answer any questions about these modules in detail. Contact us now and we will help you find the right pre-alignment modules for your applications.

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