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Power taps

for backplanes and PCBs

ERNI power taps in grids of 2.54 millimeters are developed especially for the power supply on the PCB and backplane. They are available in various designs with six or ten connection pins and as dip solder or pressfit variants. Depending on the cable connection and PCB, operating currents up to 40 amperes can be realized. For the variants with screw connection, the cable connection is possible with commercially available cable lugs. This provides high flexibility for the connections.

  • reliable and affordable power connection
  • high flexibility
  • various cable connections
  • for commercially available cable lugs
  • various thread sizes
  • english and metric threads
  • flexible wire layouts
  • assembly via pressfit or soldering

Power taps for many different application areas

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Application options for ERNI power taps

Our power taps can be used anywhere that PCBs must be supplied with power. Thanks to the high current carrying capacity of up to 40 ampere, even higher power can be transmitted via the taps. Dip solder and pressfit variants enable economical processes Typical applications can be found in the automotive area. Thus the ERNI power taps can be used for example in battery management systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Other important application possibilities of power taps are:

  • power supply for PCBs in control cabinets
  • testing and measuring equipment
  • chargers for rechargeable batteries
  • energy storage for "Smart Home" applications

Our power taps enable reliable transmission of electrical energy to the PCBs required for operation. They have a high current carrying capability and are flexible to process by pressfit or dip solder technology.

If you have questions about our power taps or if you are looking for the right products for your application, we will be glad to provide you with details. Get in contact with us now.

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