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ERNI PowerElements

for supply of high currents to PCBs

ERNI-PowerElements provide reliable solutions for the supply of large electrical power and currents to PCBs. They enable wire-to-board supply of high currents between PCBs. Also construction elements such as screwed fuses, relays or conductor rails can be connected and fixed with the PowerElements. PowerElements are available for various applications with solid pressfit zones or for SMD solder technology.

  • current carrying capacity up to 360 A
  • solidly resilient
  • fail-safe connections
  • no undesired short circuits due to anti-twist and touch protection
  • with and without alignment peg
  • fully automatic assembly possible
  • available in pressfit or SMT solder technology
  • shock- and vibration-proof

PowerElements for many different applications

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Application options of current supply with ERNI-PowerElements

Where high power must be supplied to PCBs, ERNI-PowerElements offer the right solutions. They not only transmit high current, but are also tailor-made for high mechanical stresses, for example with the connection of the PCB in the housing or between PCBs. Two-part PowerElements, which are pressfit from both sides on a PCB, protect it from mechanical stresses. PowerElements are available for various applications in many variations.

The blistered SMD-PowerElements allow economical processing thanks to fully automatic assembly.

Typical application areas are:

  • Battery management systems and power electronics in the automotive area
  • drives and inverters in industrial automation
  • central electrical systems for agricultural and construction machines
  • inverters for the solar industry
  • medical technology

Thanks to a current carrying capacity of up to 500 amperes and high mechanical resilience, our PowerElements are ideally suited for applications in which there are robust connections for supplying high power. ERNI offers PowerElements with solid pressfit zones or for SMT soldering for the acceptance of high torques and optimum current transmission. If you have questions about our PowerElements, contact us now. We would be happy to provide you with more information.

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