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MiniBridge connectors

for space-saving, highly stressed connections

The ERNI MiniBridge connectors have a miniaturized shape in 1.27-mm grid and can be used everywhere that space-saving connections between PCBs and decentralized functional units must be implemented. The single row cable mating system is available with straight and angled male terminal strips. All mating variants can be used in combination with female terminal strips having 90° and 180° cable outlet. The Koshiri variants of the connectors offer especially high mating reliability.

  • compact cable mating system
  • for dense connector requirements
  • straight and angled male terminal strips
  • female terminal strips with 90° and 180° cable outlet
  • variable wire diameters
  • Koshiri reliability
  • top-sided housing latch
  • compliance to applicable LV 214 specifications
  • integrated retention clips

MiniBridge connectors for numerous application areas

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MiniBridge Cable-to-Cable Connection

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Application options for the ERNI MiniBridge connectors

The automotive area is one of the most important areas of use for the MiniBridge connectors. The connectors offer high vibration and impact resistance and meet the applicable specifications of  LV 214 for automobile connectors. Even high temperatures in the headlight area cannot harm the connectors.

Other areas of use are battery management systems and power electronics. Thanks to their compact shape, ruggedized and multiple mating variants, MiniBridge connectors are also widely used in the industrial environment. In medical technology they are in practical mating systems in ultrasonic devices, MRI devices, lab instruments and diverse diagnostic equipment..

MiniBridge connectors are an ideal solution everywhere that  there are space-saving, reliable and high rated connections. They are suitable for use in the automotive area or in industry and medical technology. If you have questions about these versatile connectors, our competent employees will be glad to advise you. Get in touch with us now and convince yourselves.

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