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MicroBridge connectors

for the highest demands in the automotive industry

When developing MicroBridge connectors, ERNI took the requirements of its automotive sector customers into consideration and implemented them consistently. The connectors provide Koshiri security and optional electrical CPA (connector position assurance) for secure and correct connections. Thanks to their high temperature resistance of up to 150 °C, they can be used in high-heat applications such as near LEDs in front headlights.

  • compact cable connector system
  • 2 to 20-pin (single-row) possible
  • vertical and right angle SMT connectors
  • IDC female connectors with 90° cable outlet
  • double insulation displacement connector with integrated strain relief
  • Koshiri security
  • optional electrical CPA
  • double-sided interlocking
  • mechanical and color coding possible

MicroBridge connectors for reliable automotive applications

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MicroBridge Connector Position Assurance (CPA)

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Applications for MicroBridge connectors

The main applications for ERNI MicroBridge connectors are in the automotive sector. The MicroBridge product family fulfills the high demands of the automotive industry for mating reliability and ruggedness.

With a pitch of 1.27 millimeters, the connectors have a compact design while also being robust. They can be used in small areas and are temperature-resistant up to 150 °C. They guarantee secure connections even in high-heat areas such as near LED headlights. The connectors easily handle the vibrations that occur in the vehicle, thanks to the locking mechanisms on both sides.

Thanks to possible mechanical and color coding for any no. of pins, incorrect plug connections can be reliably excluded. The strain relief integrated into the connectors protects against mechanical loads.

Typical uses for MicroBridge connectors include:

  • Headlight systems

  • Battery management systems

  • Power electronics

Our MicroBridge connectors have been developed based on automotive testing specifications LV214 and USCAR-2. They are an excellent choice for use in the automotive industry and fulfill its high demands for mating reliability, temperature resistance, robustness and compact design. If you have questions on the MicroBridge product family, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you in more detail.

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