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Modular M8 / M12 circular connectors

for maximum flexibility

Implement quick and simple connector solutions with the modular circular connector system acc. to IEC 61076-2. The M12 connectors are suitable for almost all field bus specifications and available in various codings. Thanks to compatibility with conventional soldering processes, significant cost savings can be achieved in equipment manufacture. The reliable connectors offer protection from penetrating water and dust. A large selection of accessories, such as protective caps or O-ring seals, are available to take care of this.

  • SMT connection technology
  • various pin counts
  • various coding
  • shielded variants
  • gold-plated contacts
  • protection from dust and water
  • individual solutions
  • automated processing
  • large selection of accessories
  • castable variants

M8 and M12 circular connectors for a wide variety of different applications

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M8 / M12 Circular Connectors Catalog

Integration Recommendation for M12 90°

PCB Layout for M12 90° connectors

Integration Recommendation for M12 180° / direct integration

Integration Recommendation for M12 180°

Integration Recommendation for M8 180°

M8 / M12 circular connectors and their application possibilities

The M8 / M12 connectors have proven to be very reliable in industrial use. They are tailor-made for the connection of field devices of industrial automation. A-coded circular connectors can be used, for example, as sensor connectors or device connectors for digital and analog signal transmission or for the power supply. B-coded connector variants are intended for fieldbus interfaces. The D and X coded circular connectors for Ethernet interfaces rounds out the assortment.

ERNI supplements the comprehensive product range of M8 and M12 connectors with application and customized solutions. A high degree of cost efficiency is guaranteed thanks to the option of automatic machine processing and solder processes.

Typical areas of use are:

  • industrial automation
  • building automation
  • power generation
  • logistics and traffic
  • tool machine construction
  • commercial vehicle construction

Our M8 / M12 circular connectors enable reliable and flexible I/O or fieldbus connections on the PCB. They can be economically and reliably processed. Thanks to various coding and pin counts there is a broad range of applications. We will be glad to advise you in detail on the properties and application possibilities of this connector solution. Get in contact with us now.

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