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Products Material Measurement Process Technology / Quality
Plating Au, Ag, Sn, Zn, Ni   Strip and barrel plating. Electroplating and chemical plating.
Stamped and bent parts CuZn, CuSn, CuNi, Steel, A2   With toolmaker's shop. Multistage operation tools
Molded Parts PBT, PC, LCP, ABS, PCT < 100 x 50 x 40 mm With toolmaker's shop
Base metal / strips CuZn (milled), CuSn (milled)    
Plastics / resin PBT, PC, LCP, ABS, PCT   UL-Certification (yellow card)
Packaging Reels, boxes, filling, labels   Antistatic
Turned parts CuNi, CuZn, Steel, A2 with(-out) plating Ø max 10 mm Splinterless
DIN and ISO Material Steel, A2, CuZn, with (-out) plating Ø max 10 mm Splinterless, AQL 0,65
Special Contacts CuNi 1 Pb 1 P Ø max 6 mm Turned contacts with electroplated surface (Au)
Electronic Components Resistors, Resistor nets, Capacitors, Diodes, Inductivities, IC's etc.    
Insertion     SMD-production, Through-hole production
Subrack Al, A2, Steel coated with Zn 19" - Technology plate-bending construction
PCB FR4 Thickness: 3,2mm, all surfaces, Cu: max 105mm Backplane
Tools     Tools for molded, stamped and bent parts. Experience in the connector market. With production capacity.

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