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We at ERNI will pass on to our suppliers the extremely high requirements, which our customer expects from us and our products. Yet at the same time the procurement department strives to create a long-term customer-supplier relationship, which is characterized by an open, fair, and innovative atmosphere.

We know that success and quality of our products are directly dependent on the performance of our suppliers; therefore, we have to join forces to generate a so-called win/win-situation where both parties benefit from. 

The following pages give you, as our potential new supplier, the opportunity to inform yourself about our purchasing program, our requirements, and your contact person at the purchasing department. You will find a supplier application self report and many more important information which could be of interest to you. Currently active requirements are shown also.

Requirements for suppliers

To fulfill the demands of our customers to their full satisfaction, we are looking constantly for new high-performance suppliers. Exclusively we take the decision for a new supplier among objective, relevant, and comprehensible criteria. Therefore, the entire evaluation of a new supplier is being analyzed by terms of quality, price, logistics, technology, and management. For example:

  • Quality management system according DIN ISO 9000 f.
  • Competitive price on the world market
  • Fulfilling logistical requirements such as Just-in-Time, Kanban or consignment stock
  • High serviceability and on-time effectiveness Flexibility
  • High technical know-how
  • Use of modern manufacturing processes
  • Technical support and consultation
  • Use of current electronic data- and communication processing 
  • Responsibility for environmental issues 
  • International orientation
  • Delivery and Labelling Specification

How to become a supplier

  • Fill in the Supplier-Profile-Questions
  • Analysing the profile-report
  • Confirm the receipt of the self-report
  • Supplier-data match check by ERNI
  • Enquiry for the product range the supplier applied for 
  • Clarification of details
  • Provide quotation
  • Evaluating the quotation
  • Auditing and negotiation of the new supplier if the quote is of interest to ERNI
  • Place the order
  • Delivery of prototypes
  • Testing of prototypes
  • Approval of prototypes
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