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Plug connections for tele- and data communication

Modern tele- and data communication offers bandwidths that were unattainable only a few years ago. Whether cable-based technologies such as VDSL or mobile technologies such as LTE, information can be transmitted at high data rates. Another trend is the increasing miniaturization of communication devices and network technology. ERNI offers reliable and powerful solutions for telecommunication networks, data networks and communication devices.

ERNI connectors are used wherever high data throughput and high data rates are required. They provide secure contacts and high signal integrity. The ERmet 2.0, ERmet ZD and Modular Jacks families are examples of products specially designed for tele- and data communication applications.

Advantages of ERNI connectors for tele- and data communication

High transfer rates
ERNI connectors enable high data rates of up to 25 Gigabit per second. The products ensure that the electrical transitions do not affect the signals of the digital systems and offer high signal integrity.

Secure transmission
The connectors show good properties with regard to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). They can neither be disturbed in their function by external electromagnetic influences nor do they influence other devices by emitting electromagnetic energy.

They save a lot of space
A high degree of miniaturization enables space-saving use and application in very compact devices. This is ensured by high packing densities, slim designs and low overall heights.

High resistance
Robust, resistant connectors ensure reliable data transmission. The connectors operate under extreme conditions and have reliable interlocks.

Connection solutions for tele- and data communication

In our product area you will find a suitable selection of connectors for the different applications of tele- and data communication.

Requirements for ERNI connectors for use in telecommunications and data communication technology

Modern telecommunications systems and data networks place the highest demands on reliable high-speed connections. Decisive selection criteria for the connectors are high signal integrity and support for large bandwidths.

Only if the products meet these criteria are they suitable for use in gigabit networks or high-end servers. ERNI connectors are used in satellite transponders, wireless base stations, switches, routers, gateways and high-speed networks.

ERNI - Competence and Experience in Tele- and Data Communication

ERNI's customers include numerous telecommunications suppliers and manufacturers of data and telecommunications equipment. Thanks to close contact and partnership-based cooperation, the requirements of the industry are well known.

A constant exchange of information ensures that the connectors can keep pace with the constantly increasing requirements and ever-increasing data rates. The products comply with current standards and industry standards for telecommunications and data communication such as ATCA, CompactPCI or IEC 61076-4-101.

If you need connectors for tele- and data communication technology that support high data rates and have compact designs, you have found the ideal partner in ERNI. We will be happy to answer your questions about the various products and their applications. Get in touch with us now.

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