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Plug connections for the transport industry

Whether by rail or road, the transport system and its vehicles ensure that goods and people get from one place to another quickly and safely. For transport vehicles, ERNI offers comprehensive services and key components such as  connectors and development services for customer-specific solutions.

ERNI addresses different areas such as driver's cab, engine environment or the exterior of buses, trucks or rail vehicles. The high-quality products ensure secure connections even at high currents. On the basis of their extensive experience in board design and their know-how in press-fit technology, ERNI is continuously expanding their portfolio of products for the transport sector.

Advantages of ERNI connectors in transportation

Secure connections
Thanks to pressfit technology and high-quality power elements, the components are held firmly on the PCB and optimum current transmission is ensured.

High resistance
Connectors are insensitive to mechanical stress and have a long service life. Even during the production of PCBs, the flexible pressfit technology reduces stress on the circuit board, even with high numbers of poles.

High degree of flexibility
Products can be combined as desired. The result is a complete modular system for customer-specific solutions.

Solutions for transportation

In our product area you will find suitable connectors for the versatile vehicles of the transport industry.

Specific requirements need tailor-made solutions

The reliability of safety and power boards and plug connections is a top priority in the transport industry. Secure connections for high currents are required that will not fail even under harsh conditions. It also important that it requires little space. The space required makes it possible to decide whether the module can be integrated in the passenger compartment or in the exterior. Exterior components are exposed to harsh environments and are to be particularly well protected against condensation, vibration or shock.

ERNI – Competence and experience in transportation

In order to provide optimized power distributions for the transport sector, ERNI clarifies the most important questions in advance together with the customer. The selection of the modules depends on the ambient and spatial conditions. 

As a technology leader in pressfit technology, ERNI is the right partner for the transport industry with their reliable and powerful connectors. Are you looking for a suitable solution for transport vehicles? We would be pleased to advise you in detail about our products and services. Get in touch with us now.

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