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Medical connectors for reliable performance

If devices in medical technology fail, it can quickly become dangerous for the health of patients. It is not for nothing that medical technology has the strictest regulations for the products and components used, which must be complied with. The highest level of protection against failure and reliable performance are of vital importance for medical devices. Medical connectors must also meet these requirements.

ERNI offers a variety of connectors which are ideally suited for use in medical technology. ERNI products reliably perform their work in numerous medical devices on a daily basis. They have proven themselves over the years and also offer solutions for new technologies.

Advantages of ERNI medical connectors

Failure protection
ERNI connectors offer a high level of reliability. Our high quality standards and mature production processes ensure this. Fluctuations in product performance can be reliably ruled out.

Signal integrity
The ERNI connectors always transmit signals in consistently high quality. Precise connectors ensure a high integrity of the signals and therefore good performance of the instruments and devices.

Even over long periods of use, ERNI connectors provide reliable contact. A robust design and special locking systems reliably prevent interruptions and unintentional disconnection.

Connection solutions for medical technology

In our product area you will find suitable connector versions for various applications in medical technology –  shielded or unshielded.

Applications for medical connectors

There are almost no limits to the application possibilities for ERNI connectors in medical technology. They are used in imaging applications such as MRI systems or mobile X-ray systems, but are also used for diagnostic applications or analysis equipment in medical laboratories. A further field of application are medical laser applications.

Safety – an absolute must

It is particularly important for connectors in medical technology that they can be reliably processed and securely inserted. The contacts should meet the high requirements at all times. External electromagnetic influences must not interfere with signal transmission or endanger signal integrity. EMC protection must also be ensured for other devices by means of minimum radiation of electromagnetic energy. Since large amounts of information have to be transmitted and only little space is available for connectors, high packing densities are required.

Competence and experience in medical technology

We have long-standing relationships with leading medical technology companies and are well acquainted with the requirements of the industry. Our product range includes products specially designed for the medical sector. We have a lot of know-how and experience not only in the field of connectors, but also as an EMS provider for medical technology. Thanks to a lively exchange we are always informed about the latest developments.

As an important supplier of medical connectors, ERNI offers solutions for a wide variety of applications. Do you have any questions about our products or do you need more detailed advice on your solution? Don’t wait to contact us. Get in touch with us now.

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