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Connectors for PLC, DCS, and remote-I/O systems

Automation processes are undergoing constant change. Networked machines are becoming more and more “smart” and have to process increasing amounts of data and at faster rates. ERNI provides a variety of connectors especially designed for these applications. They allow machines to exchange information reliably by supporting as the primary interconnect function within a system or I/O interface with ever increasing demands on mechanical and electrical requirements even under extreme condictions. Our available selection of connectors includes products for programmable logic controllers (PLC), distributed control systems (DCS) and input-output modules (I/O systems).

Advantages of ERNI connectors

Reliable connections
Thanks to a double sided female contact design, ERNI connectors are shock and vibration resistant. Electrical contact will not experience intermittents under static or dynamic loads, and shielding options effectively minimize electromagnetic interference within the system or caused by the factory environment.

Mechanical ruggedness
Robust, industry proven and easy to handle/process connector solutions offer high retention forces on the PCB thanks to integrated soldered clips. “Blind mate” versions are also available and can be used under difficult or inaccessible board-to-board (or cable-to-board) mating conditions.

Space saving
Compact, miniature connector designs support high contact density and allow for space saving design requirements on the PCB. This allows for more challenging architectures with ever decreasing PCB area to work with, providing compact connector outlines on the PCB or smaller connector form factors for control cabinets/systems.

Connection solutions
for all applications

You can find the right connectors for any PLC, DCS, or remote I/O application in our product range.

With the miniaturized, modular MicroSpeed connector system high transmission rates can be realized thanks to outstanding signal integrity.

  • transmission rates up to 25 Gbit/s
  • reliable, robust and safe
  • electromagnetic optimally compatible

The first-class processed, robust SMC connectors enable compact, safe and reliable connections with high current rating and outstanding signal integrity.

  • dual sided female contacts
  • small grid of 1.27 millimeter
  • data rates up to 3 Gbit/s

Suitable for high loads: featuring unrivaled current-carrying capacity, the space-saving connectors are ideal for  use in miniaturized high-power systems.

  • 2.0 mm pitch
  • Current-carrying capacity up to 18 A per contact
  • Extremely robust Blind Mate variants
  • Lossless 3-point contact

MicroCon connectors are predestined for demanding applications and offer high performance in an extremely compact design.

  • space-saving 0.8 mm grid dimension
  • extremely reliable and robust
  • No. of poles from 12 to 100

Specialized requirements demand specialized connectors

In PLC, DCS, and remote I/O systems, it is extremely important for data to be transmitted reliably and without disruption. Connectors with proven and reliable contact designs ensure that these requirements can be met. Electromagnetic interference does not influence signal transmission due to solutions with integrated shielding designs. These shielding mechanisms also minimize or eliminate the transmission of electromagnetic pulses beyond the connector itself. Since industrial environments are often characterized by harsh conditions, connectors must be resistant to vibrations and very high or low temperatures. Connectors designed for increasing current carrying capacity in a compact and space-saving form factor are a must when supplying systems with optimal electro-mechanical functionality.

ERNI offers the right connectors for any type of system and any application in PLC, DCS, and remote I/O systems.

Competence and experience in the PLC, DCS, and I/O sector

ERNI delivers connectors to customers from a wide range of industries. Thanks to the newest production standards and decades of experience, we can provide the demands of a broad range of industries and connector requirements. We maintain long-term customer relationships based on partnerships and serving as consultants when selecting the right connector for your diverse and often challenging design requirements. Together, we can create optimal solutions thanks to experienced connector knowledge and intensive application collaboration.

PLC, DCS, and I/O connectors have to fulfill a wide range of different requirements. No matter what controller or industrial application, ERNI is your ideal partner when choosing the right connector solution. If you have any questions on our products or want an experienced connector partner, please contact us – our experts are looking forward to help at any time.

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