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Industrial connectors for automation

In industrial automation, there is a lively exchange of information between the various applications. Processes and production flows are highly automated and solve complex tasks. Whether programmable logic controllers (PLC), drives or other applications - everyone is networked with everyone and integrated into the processes.

ERNI industrial connectors play an important role in automation. They enable a stable exchange of information or supply modules with electrical energy, work extremely reliably for many years and meet the most important requirements of machine safety. Even under the most adverse conditions, you can rely on ERNI connectors.

Advantages of ERNI connectors for industrial automation

ERNI connectors are characterized by maximum reliability in harsh industrial environments. Due to gold-plated contacts, a high normal force in the contact area and two-leg contacts, they provide reliable contact closure and reliable contact throughout the entire life cycle of the systems.

The connectors can be processed efficiently and economically within the framework of module production. The products are easy to handle both when assembling the printed circuit boards and when joining the assemblies. Even installation in the field can be carried out without problems.

Signal integrity
The connections are interference- and EMC-proof and offer high signal integrity with low bit error rates.  Shielded solutions are available which ensure a high level of confidence in the communication interfaces due to their interference immunity.

Range of variants
The variety of ERNI industrial connectors creates maximum flexibility in the design of new applications. Numerous variants of Board-to-Board connectors and I/O connectors with various degrees of protection enable versatile configurations, PCB arrangements and spacings.

Connectivity solutions for automation

In our product area you will find connectors and circular connectors for a wide variety of industrial automation applications.

Requirements for plug connections in automation

Under the adverse environments of industry, it is important that external influences never lead to contact interruptions. Plug connections are vibration-proof and shock-resistant. For the development of new applications, flexible and versatile plug-in systems are required that enable different PCB spacings and arrangements.

The modular designs of the PLCs and remote I/O systems as well as the decentralized drive controls must be supported. They depend on miniaturized plugs with small grids. Nevertheless, the connectors provide high performance.

Connection solutions for industry 4.0

Connectivity solutions for automation processes of industry 4.0 transfer large amounts of data. They offer high bandwidths, are EMC-proof and interference-proof. In production, it is important that the plug-in systems support double-sided PCB assembly and high contact densities. For networking the systems, the connectors meet the current standards and extended requirements of industry 4.0.

Competence and experience in automation

ERNI is an important impulse generator in industrial automation. The connectors have proven themselves over many years and are used in various automation applications. Continuous optimization and close development partnerships have perfected the connectors. ERNI is a top supplier for world market leaders in the field of controls and automation. Numerous other market participants are guided by our solutions.

ERNI Automation Brochure

Regardless of the requirements of your industrial applications, ERNI offers suitable connector solutions of the highest quality – whether M12, fieldbus, ethernet or various other types of connectors. Are you looking for special products or do you have questions about the properties of certain industrial connectors? We will be happy to advise you in detail. Please contact us directly.

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