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Connectors for other automotive applications

The intelligence of modern vehicles is constantly increasing. Assistance and safety systems, front or rear camera solutions, steering systems, fittings as well as heating, lighting and cleaning systems support the driver in a wide variety of situations and contribute to greater safety and comfort. To ensure that such systems function as desired, they depend on reliable data acquisition, rapid data exchange and processing within fractions of a second. ERNI connectors enable the perfect interaction of systems and networked components.

Advantages of ERNI connectors for numerous automotive applications

ERNI connectors are fail-proof and reliable. Thanks to the high quality standards in production, reliable contacting of the contact systems tested in countless applications is ensured at all times.

Space saving
Suitable miniaturized ERNI connector systems are available for use in confined spaces. The space-saving connectors have small grids and high contact densities.

Robust design
The connectors are robust and vibration-resistant even in small sizes. This is ensured by the well-engineered plug-in geometry, positive locking (MiniBridge) or double-sided locking (MaxiBridge).

The plugging process is easy and error-free thanks to tactile and audible housing latching. Koshiri safety prevents damage to the blade contacts if plugged in improperly at an angle.

Special requirements for reliable connectors

Flexibility is needed for use of connectors in automotiveapplications. Cable connectors must support different cable cross-sections. Additionally, a high degree of miniaturization is necessary in order to integrate highly complex assemblies in vehicles where space is limited.

As the systems depend on fast and secure transmission of information, connectors must not fail even under extreme conditions. High vibration resistance and safe contacting are the basic requirements for the use of the connectors in these systems.

ERNI Competence for the automotive industry

Through our dense network of sales staff and key account managers with a high level of consulting expertise, we offer optimum customer proximity and achieve good customer loyalty. We are able to react quickly to the needs and requirements of the automotive industry.

Thanks to an internal network of experts from a wide variety of fields and intensive dialogue with customers, ERNI can quickly provide suitable connector systems for new developments and trends. Of course ERNI also provides free sample parts. Training courses and in-house exhibitions for customers and partners round off our offer.

Connectors from ERNI meet the requirements of modern automotive applications and contribute to greater safety and comfort in the vehicle. Are you developing a new system for vehicles for which you need suitable connection solutions, or do you have questions about our products? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Our competent staff will be pleased to advise you comprehensively.

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