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Connectors for battery management systems and power electronics

There will be no getting around electric vehicles in the future. In many countries it is already foreseeable when new vehicles with combustion engines will no longer be registered. Electric drive technology and its ranges are evolving rapidly. The connection technology of battery management systems and power electronics must also keep pace with the changing world of drive technology.

ERNI develops and supplies the right connectors for the cars of the future.

Our connection systems ensure the power supply of the on-board network, control the energy flow and transmit high currents. They are technically mature and meet the requirements needed in the automotive sector in terms of plug-in safety, reliability, simple processing and miniaturization.

Advantages of ERNI connectors

They save a lot of space
Thanks to the strong miniaturization and high contact density, ERNI connectors save the necessary room with ever smaller space. Despite their small size, they deliver the performance required for power supply and control.

Highest plug-in safety
The ERNI connectors are characterized by their plug-in safety and reliability. Thanks to acoustic and mechanical feedback and an integrated housing demonstration (e.g. MiniBridge Koshiri), secure connection is possible. Connector locks on both sides (e.g. MaxiBridge) prevent unintentional disconnection.

Vibration & shock resistance
The connectors are resistant to vibration and shock under the harsh conditions of the vehicle world. This ensures reliable power transmission at all times. Assemblies equipped in this way are based on important automotive test specifications (LV 214 and USCAR).

Connectivity solutions
for battery management systems and power electronics

In our product area you will find suitable connectors for various types of battery management systems and power electronics.

The MaxiBridge connector system is ideally suited for space-saving, highly stressed connections such as those found in modern vehicles.

  • single- and double-row cable connector system
  • Current rating up to 12 A per contact
  • straight and angled male multipoint connector

MiniBridge connectors are ideal for space-saving connections thanks to their miniaturized shape in the 1.27 mm grid and offer high mating reliability.

  • space-saving connectors
  • straight and angled male and female terminal strips
  • up to 8.7 A current rating per contact

The first-class processed, robust SMC connectors enable compact, safe and reliable connections with high current rating and outstanding signal integrity.

  • dual sided female contacts
  • small grid of 1.27 millimeter
  • data rates up to 3 Gbit/s

High currents can be transmitted to PCBs with ERNI PowerElements. They are available for contacting via pressfit technology or SMD solder technology.

  • pressfit or SMD solder technology
  • current rating up to 500 A
  • shock- and vibration-proof connections

Best solutions for high requirements

Due to the limited space in the vehicle, connectors for battery management systems and power electronics must be compact and have small grids. Despite the miniaturization, they must be safe to handle and easy to process in the production process.

The harsh conditions to which vehicles and drives are exposed require mechanically robust connection products with high insertion and failure safety. Another important requirement is the transmission of high currents. To open up the possibility of increasing approved operating voltages, ERNI offers partially assembled connectors that allow larger clearances and creepage distances.

ERNI has the right connectors for a wide range of requirements for battery management systems and power electronics in the automotive industry.

ERNI competence and experience for the automotive industry

ERNI is an important connector supplier for well-known manufacturers of battery management systems and power electronics for electric and hybrid vehicles. We maintain a lively exchange and hold intensive discussions with our customers, which can lead to optimal solutions for new developments.

Our sales staff has a high level of consulting competence and customer proximity. The ERNI connectors are developed in partnership with the manufacturers exactly according to the requirements of the automotive industry. Therefore we know the wishes and applications of our customers exactly.

ERNI connectors are ideally suited for use in modern electric and hybrid vehicles and reliably meet the requirements of the automotive industry.

Do you have questions about our connectors for battery management systems and power electronics? Contact us now - our connection experts will be happy to help you at any time.

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