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Aerospace connectors for aviation and military technology

Connectors for aerospace applications and military technology perform under extreme conditions and in adverse environments. The various applications have complex requirements in order to deliver the enormous performance. Reliability in combination with robustness, temperature resistance, low weight and minimum space requirement is needed.

With their service portfolio, ERNI is ideally equipped for military and aerospace connectors and offers a wide range of connectors with different properties. No matter whether it concerns the transmission of currents or data, ERNI connection solutions master the tasks of aviation and military technology.

Advantages of ERNI aerospace and military connectors

ERNI connectors deliver superior performance under extreme environmental conditions. They function reliably under extreme temperature fluctuations, high humidity and pressure.

The connectors are highly resistant to vibration and shock. Special locking systems and safe contacting ensure high functional reliability and reliability.

The ERNI connectors are easy to install. The high quality standards during production ensure absolutely reliable connectors. Acoustic and haptic feedback messages rule out errors when plugging in.

Reliable connection solutions

In our product area you will find suitable connectors for aerospace and military applications

Various areas of application

Military and aerospace technology offers a wide range of possible applications for connectors. They are used in backplanes, navigation systems, radar systems or for in-flight entertainment. Also in door controls, control instruments, motor controls, brake control systems or in oxygen masks, plug connections of various designs can be found.

Highest demands on connectors

A special feature of the requirements in aviation and military technology is the combination of high reliability with low weight, low space requirement and great robustness. Compliance with all these requirements is a basic condition for the connectors. Adverse environments and extreme conditions must under no circumstances negatively affect the function and performance. Even extreme temperature fluctuations, strong vibrations or shocks should not change the contact and transmission properties.

Aviation and military expertise and experience

ERNI's customers include manufacturers in the aerospace and military technology sectors. The experience gained in the various industries benefits the numerous applications of aviation and military technology. Our connectors are suitable for applications with the most complex requirements. A lively exchange of information and cooperation in partnership with our customers enable us to develop suitable products. They meet the extremely high requirements of military and aviation technology.

If you are looking for connectors or cable assemblies for interconnect devices under the extreme conditions of aviation and military technology, ERNI is the perfect partner.

Do you have questions about our products and their applications? Our competent staff will be happy to answer them. Get in touch with us now.

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