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We are ERNI

Our Leadership Principles

Our leadership principles are based on our values and clearly express the expected behavior of management. In the daily interactions among managers and employees, a work environment is created, in which all can perform at their best and develop themselves.

Our leadership principles allow us to achieve more together.

We are role models

We take our role model function seriously and lead authentically. In dealing with one another, we are straightforward and pragmatic. We lead with our hearts and minds.

We empower our employees

We want strong employees who challenge us as leaders, and we use their potentials. We support their development and give them honest feedback.

We see management as a collaborative responsibility

We take a holistic approach to business objectives.
We promote and demand international cooperation.
We see our success as a result of joint efforts. We live a regular exchange of knowledge and know-how and support each other.

We take every opportunity to learn

We learn continuously and deal constructively with mistakes. Criticism or conflict is seen as an opportunity to improve. We actively request feedback, thus creating a trusting and open atmosphere across all levels.

Our actions are result oriented

Customer and employee satisfaction, quality and financial success are our goals on which we set performance expectations with our employees.
Our pragmatic, sustainable actions are in line with our processes and strategy.

We decide responsibly

We define the decision-making scope and encourage our employees to make their own decisions.
We take clear decisions and take account of the potential impact on other areas.

We communicate on the same level

Open, clear and respectful communication is integral to our corporate culture. We ask questions, listen attentively and proactively inform. We talk to each other instead of about each other.

We inspire people about our ideas

We have a positive, open approach and are committed to our projects. By way of professional expertise and passion we persuade and inspire our clients, business partners, employees and colleagues.

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