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Compliance at ERNI - Our responsibility

ERNI is a leading international manufacturer of electronic connectivity solutions, and is dedicated to uphold compliance to all applicable laws and regulations with internal company policies, and to act with integrity and responsibility in business transactions (“Compliance”). This policy establishes the basis for daily application for the long-term success of our company.

We have developed a Code of Conduct as a means to clarify the importance of acting with integrity for ERNI’s stability and continued growth. These regulations provide a set of expectations for compliance at ERNI globally and acts as a guideline in the event of uncertainty. It is a binding document valid for all people working for ERNI – members of the board of directors and of the group executive committee, management, and employees – and applies to all activities in all markets in which ERNI is active. The Code of Conduct is part of the corporate culture practiced at ERNI and each and every individual is responsible for it.

ERNI must continue to present itself as a competent and trustworthy partner for our customers, employees, business partners, and suppliers. It is the only manner, in which we can continue to pursue our long-term corporate goal: To be the performance leader for our customers.

Code of conduct for the ERNI Group

The compliance officer can be reached by email at

ERNI International AG

Zürichstrasse 72

Compliance Officer

8306 Brüttisellen